Interview with Brainard Carey for the Museum of Non-Visible Art

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August 2018 brought a lovely interview with the great Brainard Carey, collaborative artist, author and general champion of the arts, for his project The Museum of Non-Visible Art which he creates with his wife Delia Bajo as PRAXIS. Carey lectures on art and art education, conducts workshops, writes books, has a video series for professional artists, and continues to perform while conducting eight interviews a week. Aren’t you flabbergasted? I was! Interviews air on his public affairs show on Yale radio, WYBC. Besides listening to my interview, I highly recommend you look through the other amazing people he has talked to. It is an astonishing array. Carey also has an educational business that helps artists to write grants, exhibit, and advance their careers. If you are an artist, consider picking up one of his books such as the charmingly titled The Art of Hugging or the more pragmatic The Art World Demystified. I hope you enjoy your time with him and his work as much as I did.